Top 5 Cigars

1. CAO Brazilia

2. Partagas Black Label

3. La Gloria Cubana

4. Macanudo Maduro

5. Torano Exodus Silver

Top 5 Scotch

1. Oban 14

2. Glendronach 12

3. Aberlour 15

4. Glenkinchie 10

5. Talisker 10

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January 2008:

CAO America

Recommended Cigar


Another classic by CAO! This new cigar, although rated as 'full body', smokes remarkably light. Read More...


One of the premier cigars in the US today. Try this cigar and you won't be disappointed!

Scotch & was conceived by five friends on a noble quest to find the perfect Scotch to go with the perfect Cigar. This site is for the average person with an interest in single malt Scotch and premium Cigars.

Most sites on the internet like to tell you how they like a certain brand of scotch or cigar. Here, we let you tell visitors how you like our selections.


You are welcome to participate in our reviews. All you do is agree to purchase a specified cigar or bottle of scotch during the testing period and give us your feedback. We will compile the ratings and publish our findings on a quarterly basis. We don't ask you to purchase expensive bottles of scotch or expensive cigars. Just those that interest our visitors.

Check out the S&C blog is where you can share your opinions. Use it to recommend your favorites to others, and see if they agree. It's also a good place to recommend your favorite locations to purchase good Scotch and Cigars.


The Scotch and Cigars Store carries a few unique items that we feel are a good value for the money. Be sure to check it out along with our sponsors. They have been selected based on value they can give to our customers.

Above all, Scotch& is for fun, education, and camaraderie. We look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome to Scotch&!




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