Top 5 Cigars

1. CAO Brazilia

2. Partagas Black Label

3. La Gloria Cubana

4. Macanudo Maduro

5. Torano Exodus Silver

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This cigar is for the serious smoker! The medium - heavy spicy taste will take you for a spin. Try one today!

Here are a few of the cigars we have tried and our very humble opinion on each.

The year was 1492. Christopher Columbus not only discovered a New World, but a wonderful new enjoyment that is delighting connoisseurs throughout the entire world to this day: Tobacco.

From tobacco came the cigar, and with it the unprecedented popularity that spread throughout Europe and the United States, attracting presidents, kings, generals, gentlemen, and a fair number of women. In fact, in 1900 an estimated four out of five men in the U.S. were cigar smokers.

Cuba led the way in the cigar industry. Early in the 16th century, Cuban peasants became tobacco growers. Later, the cigar became the country's national symbol and the Havana cigar became recognized as the world's finest.

The takeover by Fidel Castro and the subsequent U.S. embargo were the start of events that began to challenge Havana's supremacy in the world of cigars. Former Cuban cigar-makers took their skills and seeds to the Caribbean, Dominican Republic, Honduras and Mexico and began producing high-quality premium and super-premium cigars for the American public.

Today, the pure pleasures of the premium cigar are all the rage. Cigars handmade by experts from a choice blend of top-quality tobaccos and aged to perfection are referred to as premium cigars.

The Dominican Republic alone produces almost half of the hand-made cigars sold in the U.S.

Cigar smoking has burgeoned. Celebrities, industry leaders, politicians, sophisticated women and men are seen at dinners and at smoking clubs enjoying luxury cigars. The cigar is alive and well, and here to stay.

At Scotch and Cigars, we want you to enjoy the best quality for the price. Our ranking system is different that those that accept advertising dollars from cigar manufacturers. Although we may support those that sell cigars, we don't accept advertising from the manufacturers themselves. We feel that gives us the advantage of rating cigars without bias.

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Want to relight a cigar that you left sitting for awhile? The best way to do this is tap off any remaining ash, then gently blow through the cigar to clear any stale air. Then, as you light it, continue to blow gently through the cigar with the flame at the foot for about three seconds before you take your first draw. Doing this simple set of actions will greatly reduce any initial sour flavor from a relit cigar.

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