Top 5 Cigars

1. CAO Brazilia

2. Partagas Black Label

3. La Gloria Cubana

4. Macanudo Maduro

5. Torano Exodus Silver

Join our crew that ranks cigars.

Here are a few of the cigars we have tried and our very humble opinion on each.

How do we rank our cigars?

First, we don't consider ourselves to be professional tasters in any way. Our group of tasters know what cigar they are smoking. The goal is to find the best VALUE in a cigar. The best tasting cigar that costs $20 may or may not be the best value. If we can find a similar tasting cigar for $7, that's what we call value!

We rank our cigars in 5 categories. Each category scores on a scale of 1 - 10 where 10 is perfect. Each area is weighted such that the score really comes down to taste and cost. But knowing where a great cigar may be lacking is information our visitors want. Here are the 5 areas and a short description of each:

Area Weight Description


Looking at the cigar, is the wrapper smooth and well constructed? Does the cap provide a clear indication of where the cut should occur?
Taste 50% Did you enjoy the entire cigar. Was there any bitterness at the start, middle or end of the smoke? Did you get the sensation that you were smoking a fine cigar?
Burn 10% Did the cigar burn evenly? Did the cigar stay lit if it was allowed to sit for a period of time? Did the cigar retain a firm ash, allowing the smoker to discard it when they chose to.
Draw 15% Did the cigar draw in such a way that the smoker enjoyed the experience? Does the cigar provide a quantity of smoke that allows smokers to taste and smell the aroma of the tobacco?
Price 20% 1 point for each dollar spent in reverse. A score of 10 here would be a $1 cigar. A score of 5 would be a $5, and a score of 1 would be any cigar $10 or more. (Hey, if you're going to spend more than $10 for a cigar, it had better score high in the other 4 categories!)

If you're interested in becoming a taster for Scotch and Cigars, please fill out this evaluation form. We will contact you by email if we accept your offer.

Tasters are notified 30 days in advance which cigar they are to try. Tasters must agree to purchase and smoke 3 of the cigars within that 30 day time frame. Then, the must fill out the form provided in the email. All scores are the property of Scotch and Cigars. Scotch and Cigars will total all points and apply the weights to those scores. We will then publish the findings for each of the areas plus a total score. That score will remain until we re-test that cigar.

No personal information is ever requested by Scotch and Cigars. Only your email address is required so we can communicate with you.