Top 5 Scotch

1. Oban 14

2. Glendronach 12

3. Aberlour 15

4. Glenkinchie 10

5. Talisker 10

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The Glendronach 100% sherry cask matured Single Highland Malt is a sensory experience unique among malt whiskies. A big bodied, heart-warming spirit that fills the mouth with luscious sherry maltflavours.

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There is no right or wrong way to drink Scotch whisky - it's all down to personal taste. We prefer our Scotch neat, and our rankings are based on this. However, here are a few suggestions:

Many who take their Scotch neat say they don't want to spoil the taste by adding water. Conversely, an
equal number say that adding a touch of pure, soft spring water serves to enhance the particular aroma and flavor of a whisky. Ordinary tap water may contain high amounts of chlorine and therefore would not complement any whisky. Your best bet is to opt for bottled Scottish mineral water, ideally the same spring water used in the making of the particular whisky!

Adding ice to a whisky is a shame because it dulls the fine taste and wonderful aromas. Similarly, carbonated water is not an ideal accompaniment for whisky as it may interfere with the aromas also.

Adding mixers like ginger ale, soda, and cola is a popular trend. However, it begs the question- why
bother drinking good Scotch if you intend to mask the taste?

Americans generally have trouble with the correct pronunciation of some Scottish names, so we've found a link that features Pip Hill, founder and chairman of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, pronouncing all of those mysterious names.

Imagine our horror when we found that we had been ordering "Glen-fid-ditch", while the correct pronunciation is actually closer to "Glen-fid-dich", with a very soft "ch"! We haven't worked up the nerve to order Bruichladdich yet!